The artists listed here have in common a deep commitment to raising ecological awareness in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California bio-regions. Mediums, materials and artistic processes are diverse yet focused on specific issues of our region. Our projects and participating artists are growing. Please contact us to be added to our mailing list for early notification of calls for artists and event announcements.

Bruce Bayard

Being involved with Madrona Arts is a learning process, opening my eyes to our interdependency with rivers and their environs. Their health is crucial to my well being. I strive to create work that explores this balance.
Bruce Bayard website

Gene Burnett

Gene Burnett writes poems and songs about the ecology of human relationships, based on Taoist principles of using less force, and following an inner sense of rightness.
Gene Burnett website

Ann DiSalvo

The real world, to me, is wilderness. The further into civilized life and higher technology, the greater the illusion we live in. Making art, creating a likeness of a landscape, is a wonderful illusion. My challenge, though, is to depict the real world.
Ann DiSalvo website

Dan Elster

Every day in the wild is a struggle, just to survive. This is the story I want my images to tell. I hope to remind people that we don’t own the earth… we share it.
Dan Elster website

Joan Franklin

My involvement with Madrona Arts springs from a love of doing art, a love of nature and a love of collaborating for a great cause.
Joan Franklin website

Diana Hartel

What is it to express the mountain, the river, rocks, moon, my life, yours, the time it takes a bird to circle overhead? How do we stand on this land that is our inspiration, our home? My paintings are my connection to the land, to its silent illumination, and to its many voices.
Diana Hartel website

Monte Killingsworth

I am a singer/song-writer and a teacher interested in Northwest socio-ecological issues and have published several eco-based novels for young readers, including Equinox. Two CDs of original place-based songs, Chapbook and Norhtbound were recorded and produced locally, and feature only local musicians.

Michael Koester

As an artist living with progressive neuromuscular disability, art gives a needed challenge to my body and the unexpected stirrings to my heart. Restoring the Klamath River is a first step to restoration of the relationship between our needs and those of the natural environment.

Margie Mee

Margie Mee finds inspiration in the land and in found objects, creating new life and meaning in sculptures using discarded metal. Ecology is her life-long passion from work with the Chicago and Portland zoos to her CSA on the outskirts of Ashland.
Margie Mee website

Goly Ostovar

Goly Ostovar is an artist and eco-activist, living in Ashland, Oregon. Goly paints, teaches painting workshops, and organizes environmental and cultural works to raise awareness through our human connections.
Goly Ostovar website

Phyllis Trowbridge

Phyllis Trowbridge paints and draws the landscape outside year-round. Her work is grounded in a passion and reverence for the land and a love of the outdoors. She received her M.F.A. from American University in Washington D.C. and has resided in Oregon since 1992.
Phyllis Trowbridge website

John Wimberley

My involvement with Madrona Arts is out of deep concern and grief for the earth’s suffering ecosystems and for the native peoples who were/are so integral a part of them. I aspire to photograph in a manner that heals and reintegrates.
John Wimberley website

David Lorenz Winston

I am a photographic artist very much attuned to both natural and manmade landscapes. I’m particularly interested in exploring man’s influence on the natural landscape. My current focus is on the Irongate Dam region.
David Lorenz Winston website

Ruthe Woudenberg

The fiber of my art is deeply entwined with what is useful and beautiful. With the Klamath Siskiyous region as my greater backyard for the last two decades, it is my privilege to share, through art, its vitality and sustaining relevance.